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Lyon English is a new language school with a modern and efficient approach to language training. At lyon English, we want our school to be your school. That means you choose the type of classes and themes to meet your needs and suit your schedule.

We offer American flexibility with English intensity, plus great Italian coffee. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner of english, all our modules can adapt to you needs.

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General English Courses

Learn English with 100% flexibility, choosing the classes that suit your schedule. Our native English teachers work closely with you to help you reach your goals.

Intensive English Courses

Want to master English in a short space of time? Then take the intensive approach with 15 hours per week, fitting around your schedule.

Bootcamp English Courses

Our most intense option at 30 hours per week, bootcamp will significantly improve your level of English in the shortest time possible.

Business English Courses

We offer Business English classes for professionals to suit your busy work schedule. Plus, all our classes are funded by your employer through CPF.

Cours d'anglais Lyon - 100% flexible

Schedule your English courses around your availabiliy

Self planning module

Who can benefit from our English courses

Our English programs are designed for people who want to live, work or study abroad internationally (or simply just because). Our courses are built to help people improve their level of personal and professional English.

One level: intermediate (A2-B1)

Discover our intermediate level (A2-B1) programs taught by certified and native teachers. No matter what level of English you think you have, you will often times be very surprised of your actual level. Take our free online English test now to immediately test your level of English.

Four programs: English courses (at your own pace), intensive, bootcamp and business English

We offer 4 different programs of unique rhythms to adapt to everyone’s needs. Our programs let you decide the intensity in which you want to learn English. You can choose 1.5 hours a week over many months to intensive bootcamp intensity which is all day everyday. We let you decide and choose what works best for you.

6 different themes

Our English courses are broken out into 6 different themes: Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing, Telephoning, Writing Email, a General Refresh and a Learn to Speak course.

Flexibility and intensity

As everyone has different scheduling and coordination needs, Lyon English has created an Self Planning module designed to let you schedule your own dates and times based on your availability and Intensity needs to learn English.

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