Who are we?

In spite of busy schedules and tight wallets, we strongly believe that language training should be accessible to everyone. So, we created Lyon English. It is a way for others to follow the same aspirations that we have: to live, work, travel and study abroad. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and opens opportunity.

Meet the team


Anthony is American and has taught English for 4 over years in many countries around the world. Traveling is key to education and he has used English as a means to travel and teach in great places like Peru, Cambodia and now Lyon. He is also an avid technology lover and holds a liberal arts Masters degree.

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Amel is a certified teacher and holds a CAPES. She has been teaching English to middle school children for 5 years, specializing in teaching with new technologies like the iPad trial program certified by Apple. She has spent 3 years teaching French as a foreign language at university level in Washington D.C. where she also spent time interpreting for refugees.

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The videos below suggest that the best way to learn a language is in part with formal classroom training. Language exchange and online courses help, but should be used when coupled with professional language training.

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