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Cours d'anglais à Lyon

Due to the flexibility and price of this program, it is the most popular way to learn English. You  construct your own class timetables for 10€ / hour.  This is the perfect solution for busy people who know exactly what they need to learn. Thanks to our self planning module, pick and choose to come when it suits you.

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Who can benefit from our General English courses

Whether you are a student with specific needs to pass an English exam or a professional with particular objectives, this programme will allow you to learn english in the long term without any time constraints. You plan your classes according to your schedule.

Price & Rhythm

At Lyon English we propose a unique rate of €10 per hour. To take advantage of our unique rate, sign up now for a minimum of 8 sessions of 1h30. Come when you want for the reasons you want. Choose the modules which best correspond to you needs now.

Six different themes

Our classes are divided into six different themes. These themes have been broken down into skill sets so that you can choose which areas of English you want to learn the most.

  • Listening and speaking
  • Reading and writing
  • Writing emails
  • Telephoning in English
  • General refresher course
  • Learn to speak course


At Lyon English we know how busy everyone is. Thats why we built a self planning module where you can choose the days and time slots which best suits your schedule.


Basque, age : 29

“Thanks to English I became a “world citizen with Basque nationality”. Becoming proficient in this language allowed me to learn about other realities in my personal and professional life. Traveling for work and tourism is never a problem. It is a delightful activity!”

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Our school is your school. You choose why and when you want to come. All of our teachers have many years of experience teaching english as a foreign language. We provide a certificate at the end of each course. In order to help simplify any administrative tasks. We are very centrally located within walking distance of numerous car parks, bus stops, metro stops and tramways.

Why wait any longer?

Starting now is better than never… Learning English doesn’t get any simpler or more cost effective. If this is something for you, the first step is to start now with our free online English exam. Test your English level immediately and then book your English courses around your availabilities and interests.

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