• Exercice en anglais - American Oxygen

English exercise – “American Oxygen” by Rihanna

Rihanna's "American Oxygen" music video is about the American spirit and the country's ability to overcome challenge. This video is a cultural and historical representation of key events in American history. Watch the video and answer the questions to improve your English and get more familiar with America's short but full history.
  • Fulbright study abroad

Studying abroad & English language training

Studying abroad is something that Lyon English believes is absolutely crucial in higher education. The Fulbright scholarship is one of the most prestigious ways to study abroad. Watch the video to learn more about becoming a Fulbright scholar and what it means. After the video, answer the questions to help improve your English.
  • Only-lyon-entretiens-anglais

English street interviews in Lyon – “Do you speak English?”

Lyon English has interviewed some people in Lyon to find out how they speak English. Listen to the audio and try the quiz questions as you go.
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Video Exercise – “Crazy Wingsuit Flight” by World Of Wingman

Answer the following questions by watching the video of how the UK company Wingman, uses a wingsuit to jump off a mountain and land on the water without a parachute.

  • Cours d'anglais Lyon - Prof natif

13 BEST ways to learn and take English courses in Lyon

We have put together the 13 best ways or places we know to learn English or take English courses in Lyon. Check out the options below and figure out the best ways for you to improve your English.