Lyon English has interviewed random people in Lyon to find out just what kind of things people like to do in Lyon or discover their best recommendations to English speakers in Lyon. Listen to the audio interviews, read the transcripts, try to answer the quiz questions and learn the vocabulary used.

Interview #1: A business man’s favorite restaurants

Listen to this interview with a business man on some great places to eat in Lyon.


Barry: Excuse me sir, do you speak English?

Sir: A little bit…

Barry: Yeah, we’re looking for… Do you have any good places to eat here in Lyon?

Sir: To eat?

Barry: Yeah

Sir: Well, you got this café, café Bellecour, it’s not too bad. Otherwise you can take the street on the right here and you’ve got a small square and at the end of the square, there is a small restaurant called La Voûte, which is good as well. I do not know if it is still open, huh, so you have to hurry.

Barry: Ok thank you very much. Your English is very good. Thank you.

Interview #2: Busy mom gives directions

Listen to this interview with a busy mom who helps Barry with directions.


Re-write the dialogue by choosing the correct expression in the following list:

on the / over there / go over / take

Barry: Could you tell me where the Old Lyon is please?

Woman: Yes it is . this street, the bridge and it’s other side of the bridge.

Barry: Thank you very much. Do you know any good places to eat around here?

Woman: Oh…er, there’s a lot of restaurants… “Aux trois Maries.”

Barry: Okay, where is that?


Interview #3: Student life & shopping

Listen to this interview with students about what they love to do in Lyon.


  • Chemise = Shirt
  • Vêtements = Clothes
  • Pantalons = Pants / Trousers
  • Bracelet = Bracelet
  • Bijoux = Jewelry
  • Collier = Necklace
  • Lycée = High school
  • Ecole privée = Private school