Lyon English has scoured the web and put together the “13 best ways” or places we could find regarding ways to learn English or take English courses in Lyon. Check out the options below and figure out the best ways for you to improve your English.

Franglish LyonFranglish

Franglish is a language exchange event for native French and English speakers. The concept is simple: connect with locals while practicing French and English. The format is as followed: speak 7 minutes in English (with a native speaker) and then 7 minutes in French (with a native speaker),then change tables and meet a new person. Then repeat.

  • Cost: There is a 13€ entrance fee (includes 1 drink). Extra drinks and food is not included. The event lasts about 2 hours with a break. You will rotate tables 4-5 times.
  • Pros: A great way to meet internationally minded people and discover cool venues in Lyon.
  • Cons: Can end up being quite expensive as extra drinks and some finger food is charged at premium prices. There is no language trainer present. Most of your mistakes will go unfixed. It is often times difficult to get a place as spots fill up fast for French speakers. There is even a waiting list.

Internations LyonInternations

Internations is an international professional networking group very active in Lyon. It is like LinkedIn that holds physical events in Lyon. The monthly event is a great way to practice speaking English in a nice mix of professional and casual topics.

  • Cost: 13€ entrance fee for non members (often times includes 1 drink or finger food). Extra drink and food is not included. The events last up to 4 hours and are held in great Lyon venues.
  • Pros: A great way to network and practice your English.
  • Cons: There is no language trainer present and the event can get expensive as additional drinks and food are charged at a premium price. You must have a higher level of English to be able to benefit from these events.

University Jean Moulin

Group English classes are offered by the Lyon University Jean Moulin.

  • Cost: 420€ for individuals. 735€ for companies. The training is 2 hours per week from October to May (excluding vacation).
  • Pros: This is a cost effective way to get good language training. A teacher is always present, and courses are always in a group setting.
  • Cons: You can only start in October and must follow a very strict schedule. There are no refunds if you stop going or are unable to continue. You cannot adjust the intensity of learning to meet your needs. Two hours a week might not be sufficient to get you where you need to be.

MJC Lyonmjc

Many MJCs in Lyon offer English training courses.

Group English training last from an hour to an hour and a half per week (excluding school vacations.)

  • Cost: ranges from 200€ to 300€ (1 hour per week)
  • Pros: Family atmosphere, many locations.
  • Cons: There is no flexibility and you must follow a strict, mostly evening schedule. When classes are full, you have to wait for the next year to enroll. 1 hour a week will not allow you to progress correctly.

Super Profssuperprof

Super Profs was launched 2 years ago and is designed to help you find one-on-one language training in Lyon.

  • Cost: 15€ – 50€ / hour (one-on-one)
  • Pros: There are 416+ registered trainers on the site and is a good way to find the closest and most convenient language trainer to your place of work, school or home.
  • Cons: Long term training can become expensive as it is only one-on-one training.

Je me proposejemepropose

Je me propose is the same thing as Super Profs. It is a good way to find one-on-one language training in Lyon.

  • Cost: 15€ – 50€ / hour (one-on-one)
  • Pros: There are 158+ registered trainers on the site and is a great way to find the closest and most convenient language trainer to your place of work, school or home.
  • Cons: Long term training can become expensive as training is only one-on-one. You have to create an account to have access to the teachers’ contact information and you have to pay to call the trainer.

American Club Lyonacl

The American Club Lyon holds a coffee chat every Tuesday morning from 9:30-11:30am. This is a great way to get together for a café and English conversation with native English speakers. There is no need to RSVP for this event, you can just show up. Sam is the group organizer, a great moderator to be around and is very welcoming to anyone who shows.

  • Cost: Free
  • Pros: Everyone is welcome whether they are a member of the American Club or not!
  • Cons: There is no language trainer present. This is not an English class and may not be helpful for beginners or intermediates.

Le Bon Coinleboncoin

Le Bon Coin is a good way to find individuals that are able to help you learn English. The courses are one-on-one or possibly small groups.

  • Cost: 10€ – 35€ / hour
  • Pros: You can start learning whenever you like. You set your schedule with your trainer.
  • Cons: Not very consistent and random in location and scheduling. For example, it is not always easy to find a place to meet without having to spend more money if you meet in a coffeeshop. As these classes are mostly one-on-one, the prices can get very expensive, up to 35€ an hour for certain teachers.

Wall Street English

Wall Street English is a franchise with 40+ locations throughout France. They sell an all-inclusive model where you pay and can use Wall Street English as much or as little as you like.

  • Cost: 50€ – 100€ / hour for group lessons with a teacher (depending on how available you are to benefit from their all-inclusive model.)
  • Pros: WallStreet has great locations in very nice areas. Their speaking center allows students to train online in front of a computer, by yourself. However, the interesting part is that you can record yourself speaking English and then you can replay your recording and hear yourself. This computer training will then allow you to compare your own recorded speech to other pre-recorded English accents repeating the same phrases.
  • Cons: 70% of the training is done on a computer or at your home with a workbook. The lack of a pro-active language trainer present can decrease motivation after a short period of time.

Lyon English

Lyon English is a new English language school launched in Lyon to offer low cost, high quality English language training services. Lyon English believes that flexible informal group language courses with a certified trainer at the lowest price possible, is the very best way to make long term progress in a foreign language.

  • Cost: 10€ / hour for group lessons with a certified teacher.
  • Pros: Lyon English has 4 main advantages.
    • Price: Lyon English offers the most cost effective way to learn English in Lyon, with all group courses costing 10€ / hour.
    • Online Self Planning Module: This technology allows you to schedule a range of courses around your availabilities. You simply click the days, times and themes which work best for you. You do not need to create an account and you can pay directly online with your credit or debit card.
    • Online English Test: You can take our online English test to instantly and accurately find your level of English according to the CERF.
    • We are conveniently located on the Rhone just south of the university IAE Lyon 3.
  • Cons: Lyon English does not offer one-on-one language training.

British Council

British Council is a reasonably priced and well-established organization. It is a good place to learn English as they have hundreds of locations around the world.

  • Cost: 17€ / hour for adults using MyClass. All other programs are about 20€ / hour with a minimum of 30 hours booked.
  • Pros: British Council offers many options. They have well structured and organized lesson plans with flexible schedules using their new MyClass program.
  • Cons: In order to start with British Council there is an in visit process you must follow before beginning your training. You have to go to their office, take a placement test, get a student card, etc. Only then can you register and start using some of their cooler features such as MyClass.


Duolingo is a free way to learn English online. It is a downloadable app that follows the Rosetta Stone model, but it is free.

  • Cost: Free
  • Pros: Fun to use, easy to start anytime from anywhere. Just download the app.
  • Cons: There is no teacher present and success is based on your level of motivation. Computers are only ever reactive and will not provide the proactivity of a human language trainer.


Babbel is another downloadable app that is very similar to Duolingo.

  • Cost: Free
  • Pros: Easy to start anytime from anywhere. Not as fun as Duolingo but still pretty cool.
  • Cons: There is no teacher present and success is based on your level of motivation.