Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” music video is about the American spirit and the country’s ability to overcome challenge. This video is a cultural and historical representation of key events in American history. Watch the video and answer the questions to improve your English and get more familiar with America’s short but full history.

Answer the following questions based on the video:

What year was Obama inaugurated?Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-obama


How many years did he serve as President?


 Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-mlkWho is this man?


What was this man fighting for?


What famous speech is this?Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-Ihaveadream


Where did this speech take place?


What is the significance of this Motel?Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-motel-mlk


In what year did this happen?


Who is this man?Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-rfk


What is he announcing?


What year was his brother assassinated?Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-mlkfuneral


Who is this child?Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-jfk-son



What year did African Americans win the right to vote in the USA?



Who is this man in the middle?


What is the significance of this image?



What is the name of this band?


What is their nationality?



When did Neil Armstrong take take his first steps on the Moon?


What were Armstrong’s first famous words as he stepped on the Moon?



What is the significance of this protest?


In what year did this take place and where?


What is the Occupy movement about?Excercise-anglais-en-ligne-occupy-wallstreet